The Purpose of This Blog…..

Hoping to bring some attention and education to Endometriosis and other incurable diseases. Endometriosis is a disease that affects 1 out of every 10 women. Some will never know they have it while others are very very aware of its presence. There is no rhyme or reason to the disease. I would love feedback as well as others stories about their journey, whether a partner a parent, sibling, friend or yourself. Let’s spread the word and get all these diseases more attention than it’s given. Thanks for joining me in OUR journey.

Please join our group – Our Journey With An Incurable Disease

I plan on updating as well as sharing others stories.
Thank you,


4 thoughts on “The Purpose of This Blog…..

  1. Hi, my name is Diana, have known Michelle a very long time. Thanks for adding me. I suffered with Endometriosis since long before it actually got it’s name. Back then in the early 60’s they told my mom It was all in my head, it would go away when I got married and had a baby. Thank goodness our family doctor recognized I was truly in pain and would give me shots of demerol. I missed many days of school because of it. In the late 60’s they put me on Birth control pills, hoping that would help. Anyway I had as an adult a wonderful doctor who gave me some quality to my adult life. However I had 4/5 surgical procedures. . I ended up working with and counseling women . Any questions Be happy to help.


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