Meryl’s Story

Meryl Levy Treiber (Meryl Levy is my legal name) Hysterectomy (my hysterectomy was partial and that I still have my ovaries and cervix) April, 2010. I was overweight and too trusting of doctors. I had an obgyn tell me I had a fibroid and you don’t do anything for them. I never questioned until I hit the too late mark, when it was almost 8 centimeters and I looked 7 months pregnant.

I was only diagnosed and treated correctly because the pain was so bad, I thought my IBS had got worse (another nightmare). Learn from my experience and explore all your options first! Just because one surgeon tells you hysterectomy is the only answer, it doesn’t mean it is. Also, just because you are told you aren’t a candidate for laparoscopy, doesn’t mean you are not. There is no reason in this day and age to have a full belly incision. Mine is one 6 inch line at my bikini line. However, I was left with nerve damage from a retractor in trying to save an ovary. I’m not in menopause, but was left in excruciating pain for well over a year until a neurologist prescribed two antidepressants that combine to trick the pain into not sending pain signals.

Here is the description of the process Uterine Fibroid Embolization. This is non-surgical! http://www.sirweb.org/patients/uterine-fibroids/

http://www.columbiadoctors.org/prof/dcsperling 212-326-8874 David Sperling is the Interventional Radiologist. He would explain it a million times better than I could, but they inject embospheres (little plastic thingys, not as bad as it sounds) into the vein that feeds the fibroid. It cuts the blood off and the fibroid dies! Can you imagine? Oh to go back. I was scared of the injecting non-natural substances. This process is used all the time to save women from bleeding out during child birth. Ironically, he promised me pain, intense pain for a few days afterwards akin to child birth. I’ve never had a kid, but that scared me too. Here is the main point, try this. You can always have the surgery if it doesn’t work!

Surgeons: Elizabeth Poyner my surgeon. She caused the nerve damage and denied that was the diagnosis, but she is the one of the top rated Gynecologic Oncology surgeons. 1050 5th Ave, NY, NY 10028 212-426-4657

The robotic laparoscopic surgeons Noah Goldman and Bill Burke. I saw Goldman. He told me I was a candidate, even though my surgeon said no. I wish I had gone to him for my surgery and for sure wish I had explored the no surgical option below before that! 201-634-5401. They are in Bergen county, NJ and like Poynor are Gynecologic Oncologists, but treat non- cancer patients also. Valley Hospital 201-634-5401 is the number I have. The website for Valley Hospital says 201-447-8012 http://www.valleyroboticsurgery.com/The-Surgeons/Noah-Goldman-MD

Anybody should feel free to reach out to me. I’ve counseled other women and I’m happy to try to help….

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